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 Custom Mirrors

At A.T. Glass & Aluminium, we can manufacture custom mirrors with a variety of sizes, shapes and edge finishes to help make your mirrors into a great interior feature.

Adding a wall mirror of a substantial size to any room creates a multi-dimensional appearance and can trick the eye into thinking that even small rooms seem spacious. Mirrors also make the décor of the area appear more vibrant because they make use of the available light, whether it is natural or artificial. Observers will feel that they are looking at a newly decorated area each time they enter because the light effects vary throughout the day and night.

  • Fully-framed.

  • Frameless: Frameless mirrors dominate current interior design trends, and a modern seamless look is required. The benefit of a frameless mirror is an uncluttered look which also offers a low maintenance easily cleaned mirror.

  • Bevelled edges

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